17. tammikuuta 2012

Syntisen hyvää...

"Hari Tea Mystery of Desire. Surrender to attraction. What happens between no interest and arousal of desire? One minute, your libido is resting comfortably; the next minute, it seems to invade every cell. Is it chemical? An aroma that takes you back to another time? A disturbance in the electromagnetic field? Perhaps some things are better left unknown. We celebrate the mystery of desire and the mystery of chocolate and chilli too.

Now you can bring the temple home. You can experience the delicious, undistracted silence of the present moment with a delicious beverage filled with new treasures of antiquity. These artisanal blends of organic herbs and spices, formulated in the ancient ways, are nestled in pure cotton bags, where the loose tea mixtures can relax completely and release their full flavours. "

Pilvi – mitä hyötyä liiketoiminnalle vuonna 2018?

https://niklaswallenius.fi/tag/pilvi/ Niklas Wallenius, Perinteinen konesali vs. Pilvi